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Gene Editing

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Bio Chat

  • Easy knowledge retrieval in any biological domain.
  • Strategy prototyping for (CRISPR) gene editing applications.
  • Educational assistant for biological topics
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CRISPR Vector Design

  • Use natural language to assemble CRISPR vectors/plasmids.
  • Works for any CRISPR-Cas enzyme or variant.
  • Includes promoters, NLS, fusion-proteins etc.
  • Vectors are downloadable and fully editable in existing sequence editors.

Guide RNA Design

  • Design sgRNA’s for all Cas enzymes: Cas9, Cas12, and Cas13. As well as their dead or nickase counterparts.
  • Optimized settings for all species variants for every enzyme.
  • Automate primer design for multiple sgRNA’s of interest.
  • Sophisticated sgRNA rankings based on up-to-date scoring metrics and reduced off-targets.
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